Artificial Intelligence
    2 hours ago

    The ABC of Augmented Intelligence

    You all have heard the term “Artificial Intelligence.” We all have been raising opinion on AI since its emergence but…
    Artificial Intelligence
    7 hours ago

    The current uses of commercial drones

    Unmanned Aerial Vehicle(UAV) or Drone is not a new term anymore. People have become aware of this technology and started…
    Internet of Things
    23 hours ago

    How will Cloud Computing be in 2020?

    The future of technology is very promising. New research and innovation are being taken place every day, especially in cloud…
    Internet of Things
    1 day ago

    Ransomware threat will continue in 2018

    When we talk about the Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain etc then cybersecurity is the first question that pops…
    From the thinkers
    1 day ago

    Ravi: Maveric! Disrupter! Philosopher! Or Teacher! Inventor! Engineer!

    I first saw Ravi taking lectures at world’s leading University many years back. Things don’t seem to have changed much…

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