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AI to take sword in its hands for wars

Robots play an important role in task automation and promise better results in military attack as compared to humans.

The scariest thing for mankind in this world is not wild animals or paranormal activities, or a meteor hitting earth but the war. Nobody wants war.  No one can forget the havoc caused by the world war. Such wars are not only killing us but also the peace around us. As rightly said by Xavier Becerra, “Winning the peace is harder than winning the war.”

The war is indeed unfortunate but more unfortunate is the fact that we can never stop it. It has become somewhat a norm to humanity that peace cannot exist without the power of the sword. Undoubtedly, whoever is stronger controls economies and that’s what exactly artificial intelligence brings – military and economic power.

Security analysts see machine intelligence in three elevations, potential to improve efficiency through optimization and automation, its capability to influence human behavior, automation of tasks.

The ability to prediction, confirm and understand everything on a battlefield. It gives the team the upper hand and helps them to know when and where to attack. It also allows the military to have control of resources distributed.

Robots play an important role in task automation and promise better results in military attack as compared to humans. For instance, it’s easier to send a robot to a bomb disconnection mission, or a rescue mission in collapsed buildings.

Additionally, there is another term “Swarm intelligence” which might give birth to flying humanoid robots or micro-drones that can take aerial dominance for surveillance and future micro-missiles.

Wars with Artificial Intelligence is not a new concept. This is being used in cyber security to defend our systems from malicious attacks. Nonetheless, the defending AI software has the upper hand because it is set to learn and adapt from experience, making it harder on hackers.



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Kritika Sehgal

A storyteller and a writer from the hills of Shimla, Kritika Sehgal is a tech- savvy and has a strong inclination towards Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality, and Cryptocurrencies. She is also the founder of storytelling blog ‘Words of Five Senses' and has worked with The Indian Express, CNN News18 and Techseen, Singapore before.

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