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Artificial Intelligence will change the Advertising Industry in Future – Arun Gupta

MoMAGIC Technologies Pvt. Ltd., founded in the year 2011 is a fast-paced, innovative, Artificial Intelligence and Big data driven mobile tech organization, with dominance in South East Asia. With over 400+ employees, inclusive of 70+ data intelligence, AI & Marketing experts in Asia, MoMAGIC Technologies, is one of the leading Indian companies, in the Digital AD Tech and Mobile Marketing, space. The company is investing and expanding as a ‘Big Data & AI-based, global company’; to provide customized offerings and consultancy in the Ad Tech Space.

Arun Gupta is the CEO and Founder at MoMAGIC Technologies. In a conversation with IncubateIND, Arun talks about the role of Artificial Intelligence and Big Data in Advertising.

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