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Big Data and Artificial Intelligence are changing the world in a dramatic way – Bala Parthasarathy

MoneyTap is India’s first app-based credit line. Offered in partnership with leading banks, it is not just a personal loan, not just a credit card, but a personal credit line. Founded by a passionate pack of IIT/ISB alumni, MoneyTap aims to make credit accessible to the millions of Indians, who have a hard time getting credit when they need it.

Bala Parthasarathy, Co-founder & CEO, MoneyTap has donned many hats in his career. From being a serial entrepreneur to a venture capitalist – he has done it all! With his endless reservoir of energy and passion to ideate, strategize and execute, Bala has over 16 years of experience in the world of startups.

In a conversation with IncubateIND, Bala talks about the role of new technology in improving the online lending process.

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