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Chatbots are the new HR Managers – Godwin Pinto

Chatbots driven by Artificial Intelligence have been transforming various businesses. Not long did they enter the Human resource department to prove the benefits that they would have in automating several rudimentary and routine processes. Apart from automation, the comfort of people interacting with chatbots is what adds to advantage of having it in the HR domain.

We cannot deny the fact that the role of an HR team in an organization has been of very high importance. Though they play a strategic role in the vision of the organization, they also tend to perform various tasks which in today’s world can be automated wit AI.

With many organizations having now implemented chatbots, the industry has started to see the difference of how convenient employees feel when having to interact with chatbots for their everyday needs.

An HR is mapped to no. of employees. There might be peek times where there are common questions which employee might reach out to the HR helpdesk, which results in a waiting queue. With Chatbot,these common queries can be automated without having to wait for a queue. Hence, employees find it more convenient to seek these questions from Chatbot than actually reaching to an HR manager.

For an HR to reach out to every employee has its limitations. Chatbot are the new medium of engaging employees with same pace as feeling its one-to-one. Like in case of new joinee, knowing their initial experience and many such cases. This not only helps automating but reducing the load of actual HR by acting as the new HR managers for engaging.

Employment / HR related queries can come to an employee’s mind at any time of the day. However, HR helpdesk is restricted to office hours. Chatbots, hence benefits by being available 24X7. That in itself changes employees mind to turn to Chatbot to seek information there on.

Chatbot can connect to third party systems and fetch information in real time. This gives a leverage of providing information faster than asking an HR manager who would then log into a system and fetch employee details and respond.

Every organization has a style of communication with employees. HR managers at the end of the day are humans hence the touch of person to person will have difference. Chatbot on the other hand has a uniformity in response.

With implementation experience, it is found that people have been more opened up in sharing their experience with chatbot than human. Take for example during onboarding or in exit interviews. The answers when compared show variance in how comfortable people feel responding to bot.

Chatbot have a conversation style, emails have a task style. Getting an employee to do activity using chatbot has more responses than sending traditional emails. Further, chatbots make the conversation interesting and interactive.

Chatbots taking the role of the everyday work of HR managers has helped the current HR managers to focus on the larger picture than getting engaged in the routine activities. Hence, we can truly say that chatbots are the new HR managers.

(The author is Business Head Mobility at CMSS, which is provider of “totally integrated solutions” in the areas of Software Products, Application Engineering and Professional Service. CMSS has developed HRBot named ‘H#’ – pronounced aitch sharp.)

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