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Chqbook uses AI and ML to offer loans, financial products

Chqbook allows customers to explore, compare, book and get personal finance products such as home loans, personal loans, and credit cards.

Chqbook is a Gurgaon based financial technology start-up that allows customers to explore, compare, book and get personal finance products such as home loans, personal loans, and credit cards. Chqbook is a marketplace for financial products — that brings suppliers (banks and NBFC’s), distributors, and customers onto a single platform — both online and offline.

The startup currently offers 23 options from the country’s leading banks & NBFC’s for home loans. It also offers customers a choice of 16 institutions for personal loans and has over 35 credit cards. Chqbook is currently operational in 14 cities for home loans and personal loans through its 400 plus verified experts on its platform. Chqbook uses machine learning and complex algorithms to match customers to the right provider of loans.

 “Chqbook is very particular about its services. It monitors each and every application very carefully in order to match customers to the right providers. Each application is tracked over 100+ parameters, to avoid any kind of discrepancy or delay in the process. It also monitors each and every stage during the approval process. Chqbook was founded to ensure a seamless end to end experience for every customer,” said Vipul Sharma, CEO, and Founder, Chqbook.

“Chqbook’s focus is solely on customer delight and uses a proprietary AI engine for the end to end discovery and fulfillment. We are the first to bring customers, banks, and fulfillment experts onto one platform, creating the first true marketplace for financial services,” said Rajat Kumar, Chief Operating Officer, and Co-Founder, Chqbook

The entire platform runs on the TARA Artificial Intelligence system built into the front-end, the rule engine, and the fulfillment engine. Customers seeking loans are guided by TARA through a small set of contextual questions which determine loan eligibility across 40 banks on the platform. TARA then recommends loans based on its understanding of the approval rates they have got in the past for a certain demographic, income and financial profile.


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