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The current uses of commercial drones

The film and television producers are using them to get shots that would otherwise warrant the use of a helicopter.

Unmanned Aerial Vehicle(UAV) or Drone is not a new term anymore. People have become aware of this technology and started using it in various fields.  UAV basically is an aircraft without a human pilot aboard. There is no end when we talk about the possibilities of a drone. The use of technology today is quite limited due to its high cost but it is being used in many areas.

Here is a list of areas in which drone technology are being used:

Entertainment:  Commercial drones are being used in the entertainment industry. The film and television producers are using them to get shots that would otherwise warrant the use of a helicopter. In fact, Disney has filed a patent for a drone supported light system to be used to recreate the scene from Tangled that featured thousands of lanterns floating together in the night sky.

Advertising:  Advertising industry is no exception in using drone technology. The images or commercials on sidewalks, parking lots, and courtyards are being projected by using mounted cameras and lights. Drones could also be utilized as hovering food or product samplers — flown straight from the store to people passing by on the street.

Science: Archaeologists in New Mexico equipped a drone with a heat-sensing camera to uncover buried structures in an ancient Pueblo cultural and religious center. Beside archeology, it is being used for Tracking migratory birds, whale pods, and endangered species, Observing the environment at work, Exploring the places humans can’t go.

Industrial: In this industry, the drones are being used in the energy, mining, manufacturing, and construction industries as a way to create detailed maps for analysis. It increases productivity and eliminates the chances of injuries.

Regulations: Any business who intends to use the drone for commercial purpose has to go through a lengthy regulatory process. Guidelines such as keeping aircraft within visual line of sight, not flying over stadiums or large groups of people, and not flying next to airports, minimize the potential risk of drones.

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Kritika Sehgal

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