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IncubateIND in partnership with Vistara recently conducted India’s largest Aviation Hackathon to disrupt the aviation sector. The main aim of the hackathon was to transform the Indian aviation and create the ‘Airports of tomorrow’. The hackathon was conducted on October 7 to 8 simultaneously in two cities. The Hackathon in Delhi took place in NASSCOM 10,000 Startups and in Bengaluru, the venue was Kstart.

IncubateIND provides a fertile ground for networking and teamwork to students and professionals and helps to discover, create, work together, achieve collective goals, and pursue shared ambitions. Essentially, the company works with students, and entrepreneurs community to create workable solutions for better India. It works on solving world’s greatest problems through a technology-driven community of students, entrepreneurs, and government.

There were some brilliant ideas created by super talented teams that were presented to the judges in both Delhi and Bengaluru, IncubateIND puts together an interview series of some brilliant ideas and the team members who sat through 30 hours to create those fantastic set of ideas which had impressed all the judges.



        1. Dipu Dipanshu

        2. Ankush Kumar 

        3. Abhinav Shandilya

        4. Arpit Sachdeva 

All of them are 3rd year B.Tech student from PESIT – BSC, Bangalore.

CYBER-AVI is an android application created by the airlines for providing in-flight entertainment and few hassle-free services.

  1. Every user has a unique login id and password that comes along with his/her ticket.
  2. By logging into his/her user id, he/she can access the services provided by the app.
  3. The app part of the project is linked to the local server that is installed on every flight.
  4. The data requested by the user is retrieved from the local server and is displayed on the user’s smartphone.


IncubateIND is the fastest growing Ideas company in India which encourages ideas which could transform India in many ways and helps students and startup connect with stakeholders including technology leaders and investors within the community.

You can reach out to team IncubateIND at info@incubateind.com

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