Digital transformation: The definitive steps to success & how TECHVED is leading the way

TECHVED Consulting is a global Usability and UX/UI Design powerhouse. A thought-leader in the UX/UI domain in South Asia, TECHVED has pioneered itself as a global enterprise which provides innovative digital solutions to Fortune 50 companies and giants from BFSI, FMCG, e-commerce, eLearning, Healthcare, Telecom and Electronic industry.

Mohar V., Co-Founder and Evangelist, TECHVED is a thought-leader who’s spreading digital innovation with over 20+ years of experience across various business verticals. At TECHVED Consulting, a UX design powerhouse he co-founded, he brings this vast experience to the table as a Business Evangelist and a UX/UI design thinker to multi-manage Digital Strategy & Business Innovation.

Team IncubateIND spoke with him on various aspects including the technology which is leading massive changes across industries.

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