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Disabilities have no limitation any more with the new innovation of E-Bike

Around 15% of the world’s population lives with some sort of disability, making them the ‘world’s largest minority.’ What if this impairment can be converted into ability with the blend of Technology. Providing people with disabilities the support they need, can make a difference in their way of life. So here we bring to you a story that aims to empower deaf people by making their life’s ride go easy.

The journey began when the founders did their internship from university of Louisville at CONN Centre for renewable energy and research. They covered various projects on renewable energy amongst which was the one based on Li ion BMS (Battery Management System) based E-bike. They continued with this pocket friendly E-bike project in India and modified it for deaf people with accident alert notification system installed in it.

About the Product

The product has been designed to support the limitations of disabled persons and gives them the confidence to independently ride the bike. Disabilities such as deafness can affect basic motor functions such as balance and strength, hindering their ability to operate bicycle. This E-Bike supports them in balancing the bike and makes it operate like a main stream bicycle. It has vibration system installed to be felt in accordance to directions given by GPS.

How does it works?

Vibration system – It has an android app which requests Google maps for directions between a source and destination , process the result , detects when to make turns based on live location of the user , and send this information on a timely basis to an hardware device over Bluetooth.

Accident alert notification system – It gives an SMS at the time of accident to any of the family member or ambulance service whose number is mentioned.

Making it cost effective

The first thing E-Bike did was research and analysis of cost and quality of components in Indian online as well as local market. They tried to convert normal bike to E-Bike. As one of the founder’s quote, “We made our own battery pack as per calculations and bought the cells in bulk from a factory. Instead of a ready-made kit we bought the throttle, motor and controller separately and made all the connections ourselves. Finally, all these things together helped us to build a strong and reliable e-bike at affordable price without having to compromise on quality.”

E-bike is targeting the very niche of market. It can also be used by people with slow reflex (old age people). Apart from this an E-BIKE can be used by normal people, so the market is not confined to the deaf only. This startup has been covered in five newspapers after the internship at CONN CENTRE including Indian express, Amar Ujala , Hint, National rafter, IMS today. The research paper was published in IRJET( International Research Journal of Engineering and Technology). E-BIKE is currently competing in an ongoing crowdfunding event by Catapooolt to make it up to the top 15 startups where they will get an opportunity to pitch their ideas in front of the investors.

The founders are working hard enough to make a difference in the lives of people with disabilities and making them live a normal life. They are doing research on all the prototypes for physically handicapped people. The funds raised through the crowdfunding campaign will lead them a step ahead in their success. They need your support in this journey of making more products for disabilities other than deaf.

Let the marginalized people be an asset for the country and help them in contributing to the nation’s economy. Be a part of this ride and do contribute at

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