Facebook and Blockchain – The Journey begins

The question was how can and how should facebook be using Blockchain Technology.

The person chosen to answer this question is David Marcus, Vice-President  – Messaging Products, Facebook who will not be part of the new internal team dedicated at Facebook to understand Blockchain technology.

David Marcus  has a lot of experience in  digital payments  space, as the former president of Payal, Marcus was so far leading the FB Messenger and his role was pivotal in splitting the messenger out of the core facebook app. Marcus was just about gearing up to the advertising push on Messenger platform.

The move to understand Blockchain Technology at Facebook comes at a very important juncture, specially when the organisation is still reeling from the Cambridge Analytica data leak.  It seems that the social networking giant is trying to understand encrypted data storage .

Marcus will be joined by key Instagram executives like James Everingham,  VP – Engineering and Kevin Weil , VP – Product. The trio will form the core team at Facebook to work on Blockchain technology.



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