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The future of border security is a Artificial Intelligence powered Lie- Detector Kiosks

The U.S Department of Homeland Security had funded a research approximately 6 years ago of the virtual border agent technology, better known as AVATAR (Automated Virtual Agent for Truth Assessments in Real Time) and had tested it at the U.S Mexico border on travelers voluntarily. Canada and EU has also tested the robot like kiosk that is asking travelers a series of questions.

If the trend continues, International Travelers could be speaking with kiosk to determine if they are lying on any aspect at an airport or border crossings.

The technology can also be used to screen the refugees and unwanted travelers travelling to any country. It can also be used to screen the citizenship applications, processing visas and many other such inter-related services.

The AVATAR technology uses Artificial Intelligence and has the potential to flag individuals who are found to be untruthful and this is completely based on eye movements or changes in facial, voice & posture gestures.

AVATAR uses sensors and biometrics to analyze eye movements, voice and facial gestures along with posture gestured. The untruthful individuals are flagged and the once the system detects deception, human agents are contacted for further routine follow up measures

According to data, the AVATAR ranks way high on a deception detection parameter with a success ratio of almost 80% whereas humans were operating at 60% success ratio at the max.

It is yet to be seen when the AVATAR system will be deployed fully, for now it’s a great beginning which can potentially make countries much safer and better.

India would definitely want to have technology like this for Indo-Pak border and Indo-Bangladesh border where it has seen illegal migration of people happening on regular basis.

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