The Future of Mobility is Beyond Phones – Tanvi Agarwal

Gone are the days when your phone was just that – a phone. Today it is your lifeline to the world and then some. What will your phone look like in a decade? Will it even be called a phone? According to industry insiders maybe not. “The biggest change in devices will be ‘beyond phones’ in what we call ‘connected devices’ says Sprint CEO Dan Hesse. It is already more than a communication device for millions of people around the world. The phone we carry today defines who we are, much like the pocket watch defined men and women at the start of the 20th century.

A phone or mobile device is already your wallet, car keys, communication medium and appliance controller. You can control your homes’ security when you are out of town or simply out to dinner. Yes, that is how far we’ve come in a decade of smartphone use.

Businesses successes and failures will hinge on their ability to use this effectively and efficiently, because as we know the possibilities are endless when it comes to apps that businesses are using these days. In other words, get ready for your phone to become smarter than you! Dennis Crowley, co-founder of Foursquare says “We’ll see a lot less ‘Hey phone, let me ask you a question’ and a lot more ‘Hello from your phone! I found something awesome nearby you should know about’.” Is it a scary proposition, perhaps, but not if it is used correctly and wisely. We have seen how mobiles have been used and technology twisted to serve nefarious purposes. Phones are, after all, first and foremost communication devices.

Phones will become the bridge between the real world and virtual world, says Lindsay Boyajian “In the not-so-distant future, we won’t have mobile phones. They will be replaced by mixed reality headsets. These headsets will allow us to transition seamlessly from reality to augmented reality to virtual reality depending on our needs and the situation.” What this means is an end to stepping into a mall or hardware store to redecorate your home, accessorize your car, or even customize your dream kitchen. The possibilities are indeed endless.

We are on the verge of letting go of computers and laptops almost entirely because in the race to make devices smaller and compact, processor power is increasing every day. It will become a tool we carry with us much like carpenters carry tools wherever they go. However, the mobile phone is not truly dead just yet, but it is integrating itself into different technologies such as Bent displays, augmented reality and other gadgets that automatically pair with your device.

The best part is, all this is no longer science fiction but a fast approaching reality. The mobile phone as we know it today will keep reinventing itself to stay relevant in the world. So get ready to redefine and rethink the work ‘connectivity’ because it is about to change very soon.

(The author is the co-founder of Regor. Regor was founded in 2015 and deals in high quality ‘mobile electronics’ like mobile chargers, cables, speakers, earphones and other accessories. The company’s motto is to provide high quality products at affordable prices.)

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