Future of Online Schools: Technology Leading the Way – Rohit Manglik

Gone are the days when you had to do anything under the sun to wake yourself up in the wee hours of morning- from leaving your cozy bed to having cups and cups of coffee/tea to splashing chilled water upon your face to remove the inaction you gained from sleeping for more than 7 hours over the night. Neither you need to be in one hell of a hurry to catch the bus or the train to your college. Now, you can wake up calmly and have your tea/coffee subsequently moving to other chores of getting ready for the college that will visit you in your smartphone/laptop/computer!

Yes, it is the result of ever-evolving technology that things in the sphere of education have gone a revolutionary change. It’s a dream come true that not you, but your college is providing you the education even to your handheld digital devices! You can avail the lectures of your professor on your laptop/smartphones along with your peers doing the same from the comforts of their homes. And if anyhow you happen to miss that lecture, you can also record it for viewing it, later! Hence, the era of sticking to the stipulated schedule and venue for your study is gone! Also, if you want, you can project your professor live on the walls of your room and interact with him/her.

Thank for these all to the latest digital technology that is enabled with the mammoth concepts like Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), and Virtual Reality (VR). The latest giants of technology are the tools of the future arriving soon.

In which spheres of online education is the trio of AI, ML, and VR going to bring these transformations?

  • Facilitating Virtual Teaching

Imagine your teacher getting into your classroom and carrying the interaction with you via the projectors connected with the tools of the internet!

Providing Feedback to the Teachers and Tailoring Individualized Study-Plans for Each Student

You can find the application of the AI in one more sphere. The powerful computer systems that the sphere of online education is going to witness, will analyze the study pattern of the students. Consequently, they will identify the loopholes and the stronger spheres of their study, which they will provide as feedback to the teachers. The teachers can then follow this feedback to prepare a remedial study-plan which will be tailored individually for each student.

Facilitating Automated Grading

As a precursor to the above point is the task of automatizing the process of grading students’ written responses. But there will be a huge generation of data of such study material. Hence, here comes the use of the AI and ML driven computers. These computers will grade students’ responses in various categories without any involvement of human interference.

Chatting Out the Problems with Chatbots

Imagine the subsequent, consequent and continuous follow ups between a robot installed in a firm and the customers, with no requirement of human interference for the sake of continuity of the conversation. This is the scenario most of the firms are going to witness soon with chatbots- the robots entertaining full-fledged chat.

Virtual Trips, Voyages and Carrying Out of Practical Tasks

The power of VR can best be understood by hypothesizing involvement of students in various educational trips that are too demanding in the terms of costs and their physical capacities.

Hence, students can enjoy virtual trips as mentioned below, for exemplary reference:

  • Students embarking on a 360-degree virtual trip of Verona, Italy, while witnessing inspirations from Shakespeare’s famous play
  • Students can encounter a virtual/CGI version Harlem Renaissance’s iconic art/literature of the 1920s
  • Pupils performing a dissection of a virtual animal for the purpose of their study involving no cuts, dissections or violence to any creature at all.

The Filtering in Of the Lessons

Overall, for the stakeholders of education, there is only to gain and nothing to lose. From defying the limitations of space and time to the low affordability of this mode of study, educationists, teachers and pupils of online education stand to only increase their benefits. Following points illustrate the advantages availed by both:

  • Time and space are no longer limitations
  • The advent of AI and ML technologies have facilitated more generation of interactive and engaging content
  • Learners can gain a world of experience without the heavy cost

Is there anybody still who complains about the marriage of these technologies with our education?

(The author is the CEO at Edugorilla –  a one-stop community for students, faculties and Institutes. It is inherently a meeting place for Education and opens various windows of opportunities. This platform facilitates access to “insight” on careers and education to those seeking help, and it helps you build your reputation.) 

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