The Gmail`s new offline Mode – How to use it to your advantage

The Offline mode of Gmail was announced a while ago, however during the Google I/O Conference , Google officially announced the offline mode for all the Gmail users. The Offline mode of Gmail will allow its users to read and respond to emails while you`re offlne.

Here’s the step by step guide to use Gmail Offline mode :

Step 1 – You can only use Gmail Offline mode on Google Chrome browser. If Chrome isnt your first choice of browser, you might want to rethink .

Step 2 – Get the New Gmail, go to settings menu on the top right side and select “Try New Mail”


After enabling the newer version, tap setting again and scroll to offline menu from the toolbar  (same place as General, Accounts and Import options) and then click the “Enable Offline Mail” tab.

Upon clicking offline mail tab, it will prompt you to select how many days of messages would you like to sync. Choose judiciously.

Just save changes and then you will be good to go. The thing to remember is that Gmail must be open on Chrome in an online more before you decide to go offline.

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