Google to AMP-lify emails

The company is all set to take emails to the next level by extending AMP support to email clients.

The email was never out of the league and still secure the great position when it comes to the modes of communication. Through all these years, Email has not much changed, features such as embedded web pages or newsletters are yet not applicable without visiting the parent website. Google is all set to take emails to the next level by extending AMP(Accelerated Mobile Pages) support to email clients.

AMP was introduced in 2015 for web pages is an open source format which allows developers to create a data-friendly alternative to standard web pages. It allows publishers and developers to represent their content in distinct ways. It permits developers to embed AMP pages inside the email body and access to varied features in the email eliminating the need to visit parent websites. The company claimed that AMP-based web pages will load faster than before and consume ten times fewer data as it prohibits the extension to decelerate page rendering.

The initiative will roll out possibly in 2018 and the company has released the prototype preview of AMP for emails on GitHub, a software development platform. AMP is a boon to social media sites, publishing houses, advertisers and e-commerce sites. Twitter, New York Times,  US Xpress are some of the initial users of AMP.

Besides, the company is also experimenting a new click, AMP stories on Google Search app, somewhat like Snapchat stories feature which will allow the users to present stories in slides including GIFs and photos. It can be browsed simply by tapping and swiping on the screen.


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