The impact of Artificial Intelligence on Online Home Rental Industry is enormous – Anshul Gupta

FastFox offers the easiest and fastest way to rent a home through its unique and one-of-a-kind Open House framework, wherein FastFox identifies and ‘opens’ the best, most rentable properties in Gurgaon for the customers to visit during specific hours.

Home-seekers can check all property related information online including 100% authentic property pictures and can then visit the properties at the designated Open House time. Home seekers do not need to coordinate with the broker or home owner or wait for the keys to arrive. Just check online, visit the property and close the deal. Without pushy brokers, unresponsive landowners or distracting middlemen, the entire on-site home-seeking experience becomes quick, comfortable and efficient!

IncubateIND recently got a chance to speak with Anshul Gupta, Co-Founder – FastFox. Anshul has 6 years of experience as an entrepreneur. He has worked across three ventures in the past.

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