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IncubateIND Organizes Tech Talks on Artificial Intelligence

IncubateIND’s ‘Tech Talk’ session on artificial intelligence for young minds passionate about the emerging technology aims to augment its business in the technology by being a progressive voice on the topic. Tech enthusiasts from around Delhi NCR participated in this event.

Tech Talks, as a part of IncubateIND, is an online platform that delivers interesting updates on the hits and misses of AI as a technology. Meanwhile, IncubateIND aims to be the world’s largest and most diverse global hacker community, helping to drive open innovation of tech products, platforms, and brands with extraordinary smarts, scale, and speed.

It is not only a platform but a dream, an aspiration and an ambition to kindle the passion of the world’s most vibrant community of code creators to invent something new. It is a sense of togetherness between coders and companies that believe in striving collectively and making the change take place.

Arush Kakkar, Co-founder of Corseco and Veer, Co- founder and CEO of Neuron addressed the audience and revealed various aspects of AI. They also highlighted the role of AI in present day businesses.

Arush Kakkar’s Corseco analyses video content to help brands assess customer behavior, such as their loitering time in a store, gaze matrix and a heat map analysis of their most visited area in the store, while Neuron, Co-founded by Veer is working with big names in banking and finance sectors.

Arush highlighted various important aspects such as the role of self-automated cars, crowd sourcing in a business and how artificial intelligence can survive in developing countries like India. He also underlined the government initiative in bringing AI technology to the country.

Furthermore, Veer who works specifically in the banking and finance sector emphasized the important role played by artificial intelligence in these sectors. He also highlighted how technology is playing a big part in the manufacturing sector.

In addition to AI, the experts also outlined requisites for building a startup. A startup is not an overnight game. A successful startup is an agglomeration of magnificent and, at the same time, abysmal occurrences. It is an embryo that is nurtured with perspiration and grown on the substratum of thorns. It not only gives a person various chances to start from scratch but also to win out of it.

Moreover, a startup aspirant also garnishes it with patience, perseverance, and willpower. A startup leader is never frightened by failure; in fact, failure is his biggest success and zero is his biggest treasure. He not only knows how to deal with a zero but also knows how to make it priceless.

Both the honchos shared their priceless experiences with the young graduates and illuminated to them the path to attain their goals. The young tech enthusiasts not only learned the basics of a startup but also the basics of life.

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