India is poised to become the largest developer market in the world – Prabhakar Jayakumar, DigitalOcean

DigitalOcean is a cloud services platform delivering the simplicity developers love and businesses trust to run production applications at scale. It provides highly available, secure, and scalable compute, storage and networking solutions that help developers build great software faster. Founded in 2012, it offers transparent pricing, an elegant user interface, and one of the largest libraries of open source resources available.

DigitalOcean started as a cloud computing company which would provide server provisioning and cloud hosting for software developers. It has been growing rapidly — with over 1 million customers globally — by offering simple on-demand cloud computing resources.

DigitalOcean aims to empower developers and software companies around the world to build amazing things, and their robust, affordable, and simple infrastructure is making the cloud more accessible than ever.

India has been amongst the fastest growing markets for Digital Ocean, the company last year introduced lot of products and offerings customised to Indian eco-system. Ambhoj Shukla recently spoke with Prabhakar Jayakumar, Country Director – DigitalOcean, responsible for Indian Operations.

Prabhakar played a key role in planning and launching and marketplace businesses in India in his earlier avatar. In his last stint as Head of Seller Marketing at Amazon, he led the team responsible for marketing their seller facing products & services to the small and medium businesses (SMBs) in India

What impact does cloud have on today’s economic growth?

India is home to the fastest growing ecosystem of startups and entrepreneurs. With the number of software developers throughout India expected to grow to over 5 million over the next couple of years, India is poised to become the largest developer market in the world.

Cloud enables developers and entrepreneurs to quickly build, test and deploy their innovative applications and products. The faster build-test-deploy lifecycles mean that they can more easily iterate their idea or concept before building a full-fledged product and eventually scale their business and build long term sustainable companies. Also, with costs of cloud infrastructure being lower than traditional on-premise infrastructure, the barriers to entry are constantly being lowered for startups and developers and enables them to scale their business much faster.

Cloud Computing and its increasing usage among Indian enterprises is expected to create over a million new jobs by 2022. Developing economies like ours has embraced cloud and reaped the fruits of it.

What role does cloud play to secure customer database?

Cloud infrastructure provides the tools and features required to keep customers data safe. Providing the ability to define various levels of access control, encrypting the data that is stored in the cloud and firewalls that prevent bad actors from accessing your applications and data are some of the common features provided by cloud infrastructure players to help secure customer data. It is also important for customers to design and build a security strategy that effectively uses the security features offered by the cloud provider.

Do you think that someday cloud could replace all the tangible databases and how will it affect in terms of job losses and employment?

In yesteryears, companies invested on having servers in-house for their applications. This was sub-optimal because it involved higher costs to procure and manage, lead time to source these was high which directly impacted time-to-market for their applications, they couldn’t scale their infrastructure in real time and with the fast-changing technology landscape, the hardware they invested in often became obsolete. Cloud offerings in the form of virtual servers, addressed all these challenges by offering on-demand resources that helped companies scale up or scale down depending on their business needs or seasonality, by providing pay-as-you pricing and by removing the complexity and overhead of managing physical infrastructure.

Businesses globally are increasingly adopting the cloud and this trend is set to continue. Every new technology trend brings with it new skill sets and the workforce adapts to these trends by learnings these skills. New job roles emerge in the technology landscape every time there is widespread adoption like the one being seen with cloud technologies. Cloud offers an opportunity for our workforce to learn new skillsets and enhance their job profile, while the overhead of managing infrastructure can be done with technology.

Is cloud reliable in terms of data loss and data management?

With features to help with failover and disaster recovery, cloud infrastructure helps customers reduce time, cost and effort required to manage their data and helps organizations become more agile.

What’s your take on adaptability of cloud worldwide? Is cloud a fad or revolutionary technology?

By design, cloud infrastructure gives customers the flexibility to store and access their data globally. Industries across domains are building products and services based on cloud. From shopping in the super market, treating a generic disorder, watching a game to transferring office presentations from a remote location, cloud is revolutionizing the way businesses are run and providing newer and better experiences to customers.

Do you envisage cloud as the transmogrify of tech giants in terms of development and growth?

Cloud already forms an integral part of the product and service offerings of most tech enabled businesses and increasingly, there is a new generation of businesses that are born in the cloud and which are redefining our way of living.

What are the future plans of Digital ocean in India?

We launched more products and features in the last year than we did since inception. All of the products and features we launched are the direct result of our teams listening to feedback from our developer community.

In 2018, Digital Ocean introduced a lot of products and services:-

– Introduced new pricing to deliver more memory, compute power and flexibility for customers at every price point. The offering will help businesses more confidently scale their deployments by providing the best value for performance and a flexible, predictable pricing model that makes billing simple.

– Announced DigitalOcean Kubernetes product, the easiest way to run containerized applications in the cloud. Designed for developers and businesses who want a simple way to deploy and manage container workloads, DigitalOcean Kubernetes removes the headache involved in setting up, managing and securing Kubernetes clusters while incorporating DigitalOcean’s trademark simplicity and ease of use.

For the rest of the year, we will be looking to make it simple for businesses to scale their applications in production. At DigitalOcean, we care deeply about improving the experience for the developer community. We want to continue to rapidly add new capabilities while holding the bar high for the simplicity and ease of use our customers have come to love and expect from us.

What are your expectations in terms of traction and market penetration in India?

India is the fastest growing international market for DigitalOcean. Our value proposition of simplicity, transparent pricing and robust performance resonates with the Indian developer as much as it does for their counterparts in other parts of the globe.

We will continue to focus on building tools individual developers and engineering teams love to use and also build the most active and engaged community possible. We have several important capabilities that will be launched in the months ahead that will further meet the high availability, data storage, security, and networking needs of our customers.

What are your plans for expansion in India and is DigitalOcean ready for the wave of technology approaching?

DigitalOcean’s peer group is not legacy cloud providers. It is an aggressive new breed of developer-focused software companies such as Twilio, GitHub and Stripe who are focused on reducing complexity and building great products that developers love to use and recommend to their peers.

Our goal is to empower developers and software companies around the world to build amazing things, and our robust, affordable, and simple infrastructure is making the cloud more accessible than ever. India is poised to unleash a tremendous amount of innovation in the next decade and we want to be there to support every business to grow and succeed.



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