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AI, Robotics, IOT, Blockchain and advanced analytics (predictive and prescriptive) will perhaps see significant momentum in the next few years – Srividya Kannan

Avaali Solutions   enables Enterprises to drive and deliver business results by leveraging digital technologies. Avaali has core strengths in powering upper mid-to-large enterprises with solutions in the areas of Enterprise Information Management and Enterprise Mobility.

Avaali’s advisory, consulting, and implementation services have enabled enterprises to transform their business processes and engage better with their stakeholders including customers, employees, partners, vendors, and shareholders.

The IncubateIND team recently spoke with Srividya Kannan, Founder  & Director – Avaali Solutions   about the future of technology  and her thoughts on the future ahead.

What is the future of Information Technology

The future of Information Technology  is very bright. Almost all companies will be technology companies in the future. This is because technology will be the fore-front of all processes and innovations.

What’s your view on the current Technology startups scene in India?

India is becoming a start-up hub on a global scale. In fact, India is the third largest tech start-up location globally and has the fastest growing base of start-ups worldwide. In addition to internet companies, there has also been a fast pace of growth on the education-tech, health-tech, fintech and importantly B2B players in the enterprise segment who are seeing immense interest.

The various initiatives from the government to promote start-ups is also encouraging.

The ratio of women entrepreneurs in tech is still very small, and India is yet to step-up overall conditions that makes it conducive for  their success.

How does India rate on adapting New Technologies, in your opinion? How can we better this in coming years?

India is picking up momentum, though we have yet to fully welcome the changes brought about by new technologies. I remember about six years back, large Indian enterprises would not even give a serious hearing to a start-up company, even if that start-up were to present some really useful solutions – they would only trust very large multi-national organizations. This has seen a significant shift. Enterprises are welcoming new technologies, even if these are from smaller vendors provided they see value in it. The pace of adoption though is slow. There is still resistance to change, and enterprises are still a bit cautious to predict very ambitious plans in terms of turnaround due to new technology adoption. There have been several successful pilots, and adoption on a large scale should hopefully be on the agenda soon enough in the next few years.

5 Future Technologies That Will Be Mainstream by 2020

AI, Robotics, IOT, Blockchain and advanced analytics (predictive and prescriptive) will perhaps see significant momentum in the next few years

Artificial Intelligence or Blockchain, the technology you think will disrupt the future and why

Both technologies have the potential to disrupt any industry. Blockchain could be used to transform AI and deliver very compelling use cases to end customers. Data sharing, trust and security elements that are much required by AI solutions can be brought in via Blockchain, making AI much more smarter.

Whats the single largest trait you look at when you hire tech talent

The single largest trait would be integrity and ethics. How true is someone to what they think, say and do matters a whole lot, and has a big impact on our execution excellence. This is something I consider absolutely non-negotiable.


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