Internet of Things

key IoT implementation challenges for enterprises

Enterprises should understand how solutions can impact the efficiency, customer satisfaction, and productivity in the long run.

The Present of the Internet of Things(IoT) speaks a lot about its future. It is presenting a lot of opportunities for those who dream to create a completely new world of transformation. IoT deployments seem easy in theory but are challenging. Following are few challenges which must be considered and addressed for successful IoT implementation.

Deliver value to the customers

Most of the IoT service providers miss defining the customer problem statement clearly. They should understand how these solutions can impact the efficiency, customer satisfaction, and productivity in the long run. This entire cycle needs great retrospection and there cannot be a bigger IoT implementation challenge than this gap of understanding this problem statement.

Hardware Compatibility

Data capturing majorly occurs through various sensors, PLCs, etc., which are connected to IoT gateways to collect and transmit data to the cloud. Enterprises need to meticulously identify the equipment, hardware, and existing legacy machines based on their goals & business outcomes. The lack of involvement of proper PLCs and sensors in the legacy machines makes the IoT implementation more challenging.

Data Connectivity

This is the most ignored issue of IoT. Most IoT gateways available are compatible with GPRS and Wi-Fi/LAN, but legacy devices depend on PLCs, telemetry systems, and RTUs to generate data. So, the need is for a suitable edge layer that translates transport and data format protocols to send data to the IoT platform.

Data Security

More the connected devices will be, more will be the security issues. With occurrences of many ransomware attacks recently, Enterprises and customers are apprehensive about data security. Hence, IoT service providers need to ensure that their data is going to be safe.

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Kritika Sehgal

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