KL Hack League 1.0 – Hackathon on Automation, Infrastructure & Environment solutions

KLEF (deemed to be university) is known for encouraging innovations and expeditions that will enhance not only the minds of aspirants and researchers but also raises the spirit of competition among individuals.

While students at KLEF participate and organise Hackathons regularly in their college, it is the first time that KLEF is launching its own initiative KL Hack League 1.0 which encourages innovation and is aimed at pushing students to create solutions which could potentially solve lot of real issues.


What is hack league 1.0:

Hack league 1.0 is a nationwide Hackathon event which will be held at KLEF, where groups of engineering graduates team up to compete against another team to bring out the evolution of solutions to solve real-world problems.


How many teams will be participating the event?

Nearly 300 teams will be competing against each other to evolve out the new solutions.

Problem statements will be showcased to the participating teams where they can choose their comfortable domain to work on finding the solutions. They initially have to submit their abstracts within the dates announced in regard to the problem statement they are chosen with.

KL Hack League starts in August 2018 and the results will be declared in January 2019, 6 months campaign wherein students can showcase their ideas and walk through the journey from prelims to finals.

Hackathon participants should first submit their registration forms which are currently live on .

Selected forms will begin the journey from Preliminary Round.

Preliminary Round: In Preliminary Round the registered candidates can find the problem statements of a couple or three in given domains. Candidates will be given some time to make abstracts basing on the problem statements. Candidates will be requested to send the abstracts; qualified candidates will be promoted to Semi Final Round.

Semi-Final Round: The promoted candidates will be asked to make Power Point Presentation about the project and must register half of the progress about the project. Basing on the presentation and progress judging will be held. Selected projects will be announced as finalists and they will be promoted to Final round.

Final Round: In the final round, candidates are requested to complete all the pending works and be ready with their model or software. Not like as regular hackathons, KL Hack League will have a Flash Round where the selected finalists will be given a surprise.

The KL Hack League (Important Dates)

Prelim Round on August 20th, 2018.

Qualifier Round on October 26th, 2018.

Final Round on January 3, 4 and 5th, 2019.


In the final round, the finalists formulate a working prototype of the given problem statement, and execute it in front of the assessor.

Prize pool:

There are 3 domains in which the hackathon will broadly be working on in 2018

  1. Automation
  2. Infrastructure
  3. Environment

For every domain there are 2 prizes.

  1. 1st prize: Rs. 50,000/-
  2. 2nd prize: Rs, 25,000/-
  3. Extra cash prizes for special round and many more exciting rewards from the partnering companies

Visit & register your team at:

(IncubateIND is the partner of KL Hack League Initiative)

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