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NaPoleonX will make it easy for everyone to trade in cryptocurrency

A few years back, nobody imagined that the Cryptocurrencies will be the currency of the future. The world is going gaga over the cryptos and people have started to realize that now digital currencies and tokens have more money than before. Several blockchain startups managed to grab the opportunity and come up with the solution that made cryptocurrency global and broader ecosystem more effortlessly available to investor participants. NaPoleonX is one such name.

NaPoleonX, a Fintech company incubated in Polytechnique “X” in Paris, is the first algorithmic asset management firm for crypto investors. The company has proposed a solution of smart collaborative investing dedicated to the crypto community through the creation of Decentralized Autonomous Funds (DAFs) to unbox the cryptocurrencies. The token actually provides you with the option of autonomous funds which are controlled by bots. DAFs has brought two disruptive technologies algorithmic trading and smart contracts together. These two technologies that have caused great changes in the finance and investment industries. Algorithmic trading is a trading system that uses advanced and complex mathematical models and formulas to make high-speed decisions and transactions in the financial markets.

“We believe that as blockchain technology will become mainstream in the future…the associated cryptocurrencies will too in order to operate them. This is just the start of this revolution,” said, Ifrah, CEO, NAPoleonX.

DAFs will allow the crypto holders to choose/change the asset classes, level of risk and vote for crucial decisions. Having stored everything on the blockchain, DAFs make it easy to audit trade decisions and prevent fraud.

NaPoleonX has initially started with 10 DAFs but plans to expand. It will also allow other organizations to use the platform to create their own autonomous funds.


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