Security is a key area of focus as we have to protect the identity and transactions of our players – Bhavin Pandya, Play Games 24×7

Launched in 2006, Play Games24x7 is an online desktop and mobile gaming platform that has leveraged technology to bring people an awesome experience by playing games that they have always loved and enjoyed.

The very affable Indian card games, Teen Patti and Rummy that were restricted to the living room during the festivities, are now played every day at a competitive level in the limitless digital world.

Backed by a strong technical support team, seamless payment gateways and engaging user interface, Play Games24x7 launched RummyCircle on mobile and the desktop and has seen millions of registrations, clearly indicating the role that technology has played in transforming the experience of playing card games.

Play Games24x7 launched Rummy on RummyCircle and Teen Patti, Rummy, Poker and Bet Cricket under Ultimate Games banner, and has recorded cumulative thirteen million registrations and downloads for all the games put together.

Bhavin Pandya

The man at the helm of 24X7 games is a calm leader with an excellent leadership and management skills. Bhavin Pandya recognized the vast potential in bringing online games to a nascent market in India and discontinued his fully funded PhD program at New York University to establish the business in Mumbai. Bhavin holds a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering from Purdue University and a Masters degree in Economics from New York University.

What makes you so different from other companies in your domain?

Our consistent data-driven approach to deliver intuitive, engaging and rewarding game-play experiences differentiates us from others in our humble opinion. Our operating ethos as a company, irrespective of the product, is grounded deeply in what our players tell us with every click of their mouse. We analyze enormous amounts of data to understand our players’ likes and dislikes and experiment continuously and boldly to improve their playing experience. Our mission is to provide awesome game playing experiences and we focus on that day in and day out.

How do you intend keep up to the current market scenario and its needs?

We are passionate about games and not surprisingly are very opinionated about what constitutes good game design and user experience. We never shy away from trying new and radical stuff, but we calibrate our aggressive innovative spirit with measurement that inevitably humbles us, teaches us and always improves our ability to deliver an awesome playing experience. It is in that vein that we continue to be curious about what is out there that we can learn from and implement in our games to deliver wholesome game playing experiences to our players.

How do you challenge yourself towards technology which is such a volatile thing these days?

We have been fortunate to experience substantial growth over the last few years. This hyper-growth in our player base results in us being able to continue to push the limits on the underlying technology stack. It is therefore imperative for us to continue to evolve our technology stack in accordance with the most current & prevalent software & distributed systems technologies. Furthermore, we have a strong belief that our products are only as good as the people behind them and we have been able to put together a solid tech team, which makes our job of keeping up with the latest innovating trends in the industry relatively easier.

Gaming is something which has an audience of billions and how do you intend keep up with the needs of the such a diverse yet never content audience?

At Play Games24x7, we constantly strive to be creative and innovative. As a result, we are never content or satisfied with the game playing experiences we offer our players. We believe there always exist more creative and innovative solutions to the problems we are trying to solve. This mindset ensures we continue to serve a diverse yet never content audience as we are consistently striving to better our offering and thereby providing awesome game playing experiences to our players.

How do you plan on tackling security issues like crack, etc. and give the best product to the customers?

Security is a key area of focus as we have to protect the identity and transactions of our players. We constantly do security audits to help us achieve our goal. From doing hardware-based assessments to preempting software-based attacks, we are constantly being pushed to evolve our fence against various attack vectors.  All of this allows our players to feel safer while playing on our platform.


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