Team Crayon is the brain behind AirTime: Aviation Hackathon

The India’s largest Hackathon, Aviation Hackathon has successfully discovered a number of talented coders who have come up with many flabberghasting solutions with them. One of them is Team Crayon.

About Team Crayon:

Idea Name: AirTime

Vision: To leverage the in-flight time of each and every user in a meaningful way.

What it does: It brings off the needs of all kind of users so that they can make the best use of their in-flight time in a way they want such as,

  1. The App connects the users who want to build their network with like-minded passengers with similar professional interests. With this, they can chat and create new business opportunities.
  2. It connects the passengers looking for social activities to other passengers with similar social interests. This also helps them in creating new social groups.
  3. It helpsĀ to activate the ‘Do not disturb’ mode for the passengers who want to take rest during their travel journey.
  4. The App also caters a gaming section where multiple passengers can play games with each other.
  5. It also provides other facilities in the ‘More’ section such as read books, printer services(if feasible) etc.

The team Crayon is developing for Android using machine learning and flask. In this, the database of the people with mutual corporate or social interests will be created. Using machine learning, a score will be assigned to users on the basis of similarity between their activities, work experiences, and where they are going. The app will work accordingly and let them connect only if the users are interested in getting connected. Similarly, multiple people will be able to join in and chat.
The team is using a status for each user to indicate if he’s busy, available, away or on do not disturb mode. For rest, do not disturb mode will be activated. For games, a common scoreboard will be displayed.


Team Crayon
SUVIGYA NIJHAWAN- Visual Interpreter, Web Developer, and a Staunchest Crusader in the battle of peculiarities.


Team Crayon
YASH VERMA- Java Slayer, Number Player and a Seasoned Voyager in the sea of difficulties


Team Crayon
SHILPI GUPTA – Code Igniter, Android Geek and Resolute Motivator on the path of Success.

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