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UK Police to train officers using Virtual Reality

Gwent Police became the first Police force in the UK to use VR technology to train their officers.

Virtual Reality technology is being implemented in almost every sector today and police departments are no exception. Gwent Police, situated in Wales, UK, installed a VR training system to train their officers and became the first Police force to do so in the country. The system will upskill the officers to tackle various situations they may encounter and evaluate their reactions to different scenarios. Superintendent Vicki Townsend said,

“Virtual reality provides the ability of a safe learning environment, which promotes open conversations about opportunities for options for action, investigation and safeguarding.”

“Often within policing, there is no right or wrong answer to how a situation is managed. It’s about understanding what you would do, the power and legislation you utilize to take that action, and why you have done it. The scenarios provide the opportunity as a group to maximize this learning by focusing on the decision-making model, and allows the development of officers from peers with more or different experiences,” he said further.

The system involves 280-degree scenarios used for training which enable trainees to navigate their avatar from one place to another, communicate with others, use handcuffs and arrest etc. The first scenario was started in January and will be finished in May. The department have planned to construct ten more and hoping to establish a multi-agency based scenarios.

Various sectors such as military, medics, space scientist etc are deploying VR technology for training technique as it provides them to test their ability in various situations without involving in potential threat.

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