Video – The Gamification of Education & Learning by Santeri Koivisto, CEO – TeacherGaming

The  Minecraft  story started in Joensuu,   Finland in 2011, with Santeri  Koivisto along with his friend clubbed together education and gaming to launch Minecraft.

The university students believed in the potential of teaching and learning with games and ensured that Minecraft reached over 15000 schools all over the world. Eventually Minecraft was acquired by Microsoft in 2015.

Minecraft was about how a skilled teacher could engage with their students via  a new medium. Santeri along with his team has now launched a new project called TeacherGaming  which is a good fit for any classroom and cuts across the skill levels.

Santeri`s mission is to put great games in the hands of teachers and students who could both use these games to their best advantages.

Team IncubateIND recently caught up with Santeri Koivisto while he was in India and started talking to him about the journey, future and his India vision.

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