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We have different kind of problems than other countries: Dinesh Kori

Electric Vehicle is new to the country. The country is trying to learn and know more about it.

The Indian EV market is nascent with annual sales of only about 25,000 units. The infrastructure ecosystem is underdeveloped. Charging stations are few and far in between, even though most fully-charged electric four-wheelers available in India cannot be relied upon to travel beyond 100-130 kilometers. India plans to go electric in 2030 and looking at what we have, India needs a strict EV policy.

IncubateIND discussed India’s intent to go electric with Dinesh Kori, ChargePoint and talked about the future of India in Electric Vehicles.

“If we look at the solar, telecommunication, and mobile, people that we will not be able to do it but we have done it. Electric Vehicle is new to the country. The country is trying to learn and know more about it and I’m very optimistic that eventually, the country will be able to achieve what it has aimed for,” he said.

“We have a different kind of problems than other countries. It is not only about cars. We have two wheelers and three wheelers as well. It is a bit complicated but five to ten years down the line you will not complain just like mobile phones,” he added.

Speaking on the challenges and what we all need to do to curb those challenges, Dinesh said, we collectively need to make a lot of efforts to make India electric and make people aware that ‘see, this is the thing and it is not bad for us’ for the mass adoption.

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