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Why you should participate in a hackathon?

This 48-hour codes of marathon teach a lot of things to a programmer about entrepreneurship and startups.

A hackathon is usually a day-long coding competition where software programmers, developers, designers, etc. gather together to solve technology-related problems. In a hackathon, teams are formed around which problems people want to tackle. These teams solve the problems in the form of websites, mobile apps or even robots. This 48-hour codes of marathon teach a lot of things to a programmer about entrepreneurship and startups. Here we sum up few things that a programmer learns from a hackathon.

Importance of small goals: Waking for two days and creating innovative products without adequate sleep is actually a big deal. For a couple of hours, you are thrown into a world full of technology. Hours become minutes and minutes turn into seconds. These bits of time make you realize the importance of small wins in life.

Acceptance to criticism: A success in a hackathon is not guaranteed. An idea which is flawless for you can be distorted for your mentors with lack of research, technology problems, or lack of market. The hackathon will teach you how to accept criticism and failure and how to revive from your learnings.

Show, don’t tell: The judges in a hackathon may not believe in what you tell them about your idea but they will definitely like what you will show them. It teaches you how to show your ideas with the right attitude and right amount of time to the people.

Adapt failures: A hackathon is a place where one out of thousands gets rewarded. The chances of a failure are much more than winning. It teaches you how to adapt failure, learn from your mistakes and come back with a bang.

Strengthen communications: You get a chance to meet a lot of people here and an opportunity to interact a lot of intellectual technologists and startup people. You don’t have a role to play here without good communication skills and this is the only place where you can learn how to communicate with others well. Thus, it strengthens your communications.

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Kritika Sehgal

A storyteller and a writer from the hills of Shimla, Kritika Sehgal is a tech- savvy and has a strong inclination towards Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality, and Cryptocurrencies. She is also the founder of storytelling blog ‘Words of Five Senses' and has worked with The Indian Express, CNN News18 and Techseen, Singapore before.

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